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The Weary World

The Christmas tree, it may interest you to know, was originally called a “Paradise Tree.” In medieval Germany (and still today), they would go up on December 24th, the feast of Adam and Eve. Evergreen, decorated with fruit, candles (to recall Christ, the light of the world), and cookies (to recall the Eucharist, the fruitContinue reading “The Weary World”

Vaccine Mandates Provide Exciting New Opportunity to Commit Mortal Sin

Bonnie Henry has recently announced that non-vaccinated people, including those abstaining for conscience or even medical reasons, are to be barred from all “non-essential” businesses indefinitely. They have called the measure temporary, but they told that one already and it just isn’t as funny the fourth or fifth time around.  All the COVID vaccines currently available inContinue reading “Vaccine Mandates Provide Exciting New Opportunity to Commit Mortal Sin”

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